Welcome to the official website of the Pagan Collective of Victoria. Visit our News and Calendar pages to find out what’s happening in the Collective and in Victorian Paganism at the moment. To read more about the PCV, go to our Mission Statement and Membership pages. You can also find out about pagan groups in Victoria and throughout Australia in our Links section.

The Pagan Collective Victoria is a not-for-profit Incorporated Association dedicated to providing a platform for Victorian Pagans to meet likeminded people, to sharing information and knowledge and to keeping the Victorian Pagan community informed with up-to-date information on Pagan events throughout the state.

The PCV is not an overarching regulatory body or an “umbrella” organisation. Rather, we are a grass-roots group committed to fostering strong and positive relationships between Pagan groups and individuals throughout the state.

Click here to see the minutes of our latest committee meeting.

 The Pagan Collective of Victoria would like to acknowledge that the land on which we live and work has traditionally been cared for by Indigenous Australians. We recognise the work that Indigenous Australians have done, and still do, as the traditional custodians of the land. The Pagan Collective of Victoria would like to show our respect to the elders past and present, as we honour the ancestors and ancient spirits of this land.


Mount Franklin 2011 Kylie

Image supplied by Kylie Moroney.




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