PCV – Frankston Pagan Meet – July 2018

Come join us for a friendly, relaxed and inclusive afternoon meet by the Frankston coast. This is a free event.
A discussion topic will be announced closer to the date.

This will be our last event until November. All experience levels, pagan, spiritual and witchy paths welcome.

Coffee Club is a short walk from Frankston station and numerous bus stops, in the promenade near the cinema.

Vegetarian and gluten-free menu options available.

The Facebook event can be found here: PCV – Frankston Pagan Meet – July 2018

Imbolc Celebration and Ritual

Hosted by Muses of Mystery.

Come join our circle and celebrate Imbolc (ee-molc)

Learn about the origins of this Fire Sabbat, and welcome back the Goddess from the Crone to the Maiden.

We celebrate the first signs of Spring and the return of the Sun.

Create magickal seasonal spells as the Wheel again turns at this magickal time of the year. Handcraft traditional symbols to decorate your altar.

$35 inc all materials and a feast to share.

Bookings are essential as tickets are limited!

A light refreshment is offered but we encourage all to bring along a small plate to share or to cover any special dietary requirements.

Bookings through www.musesofmystery.com and instore.

Open to all.

Workshop: The Sabbat of Imbolc

Hosted by Mystical Dragon – click here to visit the Facebook event page.

Connect with this sabbat of Imbolc creatively and practically by making a Brigid’s cross, a sacred and highly protective amulet, plus connect in meditation with the Goddess Brigid and have her bless your cross. Use your Brigid’s Cross for your celebration and to add protection wherever you need it.

Topics Covered In The Sabbat of Imbolc Short workshop:
**What is the Wheel of the Year?
**What is the sabbat of Imbolc all about?
**Traditional associations/correspondences for the sabbat of Imbolc
**Be inspired for your own Imbolc altar
**Rituals, spells and customs for the sabbat of Imbolc
**Connect with Deity associated with Imbolc: the Goddess Brigid
**Connect with this sabbat creatively by making your own Brigid’s Cross

This short course can be studied individually or as part of the Embracing Witchcraft Certificate Program.

Only $60p/person to attend and bookings are essential. To book your place contact Mystical Dragon on 03 9782 5091 or for more information or to make your booking online click this link: https://mysticaldragon.com.au/events/witchcraft/sabbats/imbolc-short-course

Held at Mystical Dragon, 22 Heversham Drive, Seaford Victoria, Australia

PLEASE NOTE Mystical Dragon does not take facebook acceptances as bookings. It is essential that you also contact the Mystical Dragon store to book your place officially via the methods mentioned above.


Spiral Dance Melbourne Concert

Multi-award winning Pagan band Spiral Dance are returning to Melbourne in July 2018, thanks to the Pagan Collective of Victoria.

Late 2017 saw the arrival of a new member of Spiral Dance! Alice, a virtuoso violinist and talented flutist and pianist, adds depth to the melodies as well as considerable experience with musical arrangements.


Back the PCV on Patreon before May 1 and save 50% off your ticket! www.patreon.com/pagancollective

Spiral Dance’s new album, Land and Legend, on sale now!

Workshop: Solitary Witch Level 3

Hosted by Muses of Mystery.

Date: Saturday 21 July, 2018

Time: 11.00 am – 1.00 pm

Where: Muses of Mystery, The Nicholas Building, Room 4, Level 2, 27 Swanston Street, Melbourne, 3000. Australia

Fee: $ 65.

Come join the Muses for more Practical Magick…..Solitary Witch 3

Join us and learn even more insights into the lifestyle of the practicing witch.

Learn more practical techniques to live most magickal with witchcraft in your everyday lives.

Please note : This is Part 3 of our popular Solitary Witch workshops.


Tickets to this workshop can be made online at www.musesofmystery.com or instore.

No refunds or credit notes for non attendance or cancellations.


Melbourne Heathen Moot

Visit the Melbourne Heathen Moot Facebook Page for more information.

We will be sitting out the front of the cafe, or inside somewhere if it’s too cold/hot.

Melbourne Heathen Moot is a gathering of like minded individuals who meet on a monthly basis in Melbourne Australia. Our primary interest is in the northern pagan tradition, sometimes called Ásatrú or Heathenry.

Please note this is an 18+ event.