Healing Circle with Gillian

It costs $35 to attend this event and bookings must be made through Spellbox’s event: Healing Circle with Gillian on Facebook.

Join our monthly Healing Circle.

Guided by a witch, use the power of magick to open the heart and embrace group healing through rituals, cleansing, crystals, divination, dream therapy and crafts of the old to stand in your own power.

Bookings essential.

Please note that bookings for this class are non refundable and non transferrable.

Oracles of Divination: Scrying Workshop

Come join us and learn about the history and practices of the ancient art of Scrying and Seership around the world.

Experience and practice different techniques of scrying to receive and interpret secret messages.

Through meditation and sacred ritual learn to develop your psychic ability and connect with universal energies.

Discover your innate strengths through the ‘4 clairs’. Learn how to strengthen your psychic ability through divination using

– Crystal balls
– Crystal bowls
– Wax scrying
– Scrying with the four elements
– Black mirrors
– Herb scrying
– Pendulums

$70 inc light refreshment

WHAT TO BRING: A notebook and yourself


Book online at www.musesofmystery.com or instore now to secure your place in this workshop.

No refunds of credit notes issued for non attendance

Light general refreshment will be available but please BYO special dietary requirements

The Art of Sigil Craft

The Pagan Collective of Victoria presents:
The Art of Sigil Craft

Ever wanted to make your own magical sigils?
In this workshop participants will learn:
-the basics and history of chaos magic
-techniques for crafting functional and aesthetically pleasing sigils
-how to apply sigils in everyday life
-activation methods
-have an opportunity to create their own ‘glamour sigil’ as a wearable pinback button badge

Hosted by Dorian Manticore, chaos magician, witch, and founder of the Sovereigns of the Golden Path.

To get all the latest information for this event check it out here.

Valentine’s Day, A guided journey into Heart-Space with Candy

This event costs $65 and bookings must be made on the Spellbox event: Valentine’s Day, A guided journey into Heart-Space with Candy on Facebook.

Heart-space, is the vast boundless portal where the truth and love reside as one, and we all have access to this aspect of our consciousness and ‘Light bodies’.

This journey will be a healing space for the heart.

In search of love we so often take ourselves down circuitous pathways, sometimes ending in tears, sometimes delivering joy.

Crystals will be supplied as part of the workshop.

Bookings Essential.

Tarot – The Hanged Man with Natta Jain

This event costs $65 to attend and bookings must be made on Spellbox’s event: Tarot – The Hanged Man with Natta Jain on Facebook.

Journey along the royal road of Tarot, by invoking the clarity & harmony of The Hanged Man. Explore the symbolism & mystical philosophy of shamanism & meditation. Invoke the gifts of Neptune’s spiritual epiphanies into your life by casting a magickal water spell.
The hanged man is the 12th card of the major arcana, and this workshop is held on the 12th day of the month.
With reader and astrologer Natta Jain.

Bookings Essential.

Heart Magick and Self Love Workshop

Date : Saturday 9 February 2019

Time : 11 am – 1.30pm

Where : Muses of Mystery

Fee : $ 65 (includes a light refreshment and materials)

The most important relationship you will ever have is the one that you have with yourself.

In this workshop we explore how to find your true strength, clarity, personal freedom by connecting to the heart through mediation, self analysis and magick. Learn how to empower yourself through basic techniques and make magick spells to help you through your daily lives, creating a richer and more meaningful life with yourself and others.

Booking is essential. Tickets for this event can be purchased on www.musesofmystery.com or in store now. Places are limited.

No refunds or credit notes issued for non attendance or cancellation.

Aphrodite – Goddess of Love & Beauty with Rachael

This event costs $65 to attend and you must book on Spellbox’s event: Aphrodite – Goddess of Love & Beauty with Rachael on Facebook.

Kindle your senses, fan your desires and enflame your heart with passion & beauty during an evening of luxurious enchantments, rapturous rituals, invocation and blissful visualization.

Invoke Aphrodite- Goddess of love and beauty and connect with your deepest desires.

This class is held on a Friday- a day ruled by the Goddess of love making it a perfect day to weave a love spell.

Bookings Essential.
Please arrive ten minutes early- you recieve 20% discount in the shop on the day of your workshop- excluding readings and other workshops.