Agenda – March 2016 Committee Meeting

The Pagan Collective of Victoria, inc

Meeting Agenda 05/03/2016






Meeting Location: The Wesley Anne, Northcote

Meeting Open: 1pm

President’s Report – Josie

Secretary’s Report – Mark

Treasurer’s Report – Ryan

Announcements – All

  • Deepest sympathies to Melbourne Reclaiming, who lost one of their own in tragic circumstances recently.
  • Meeting quorum policy
  • Other Policies
  • WWC Cards
  • PCV Committee Facebook Group
  • Public Sabbat Rituals

Memberships – Josie

2016 dates – Josie
Confirmed dates:

Sat, 19/3 – Mabon Ritual

Sun, 20/3 – CBD Pub Moot

Sun, 27/3 – PitP Ballarat

Sun, 24/4 – PitP Ballarat

Sun, 15/5 – CBD Pub Moot

Sat, 28/5 – Pagans in the cafe Central Vic

Sun, 17/7 – CBD Pub Moot

Sat, 6/8 – Pagans in the cafe Central Vic

Sun, 18/9 – CBD Pub Moot

Sat, 19/11 – Pagans in the cafe Central Vic

Sun, 20/11 – CBD Pub Moot

Proposed/tentative dates:

Pagans in the Park – Sun, 23/4

Yule Dinner – Sat, 18/6

Meeting Dates – Sat 23/7 (inc. AGM), Sat 10/9, Sat 26/11


Mabon Ritual 2016 – Josie/Ryan

Samhain Ritual 2016 – Seline/Ryan

Pagans in the Park 2016 – Ryan

Yule Dinner 2016 – Josie

PCV Crafts – Mark

Pagan Expo 2016 – Seline/Ryan

Any other business


Meeting End:

Agenda for July 2015 Committee Meeting

(Note: This meeting will be held directly after the AGM)

Pagan Collective of Victoria

Meeting Agenda 18/7/2015





Meeting Location: Stuzzi Restaurant

Meeting Open:


President’s Report – Josie


Secretary’s Report – Mark


Treasurer’s Report – Ryan


Memberships – Josie


Dates for next year – Josie
Confirmed dates:

01/08/15 – Imbolc Ritual

12/09/15 – Country Vic committee meeting

12/12/15 – Dandenong Ranges committee meeting

15/08/15 – Ballarat PitP

21/11/15 – Ballarat PitP

To confirm:

4 x committee meeting dates for 2016
4 x Ballarat PitP for 2016

Hills meet dates – leave or change?

Tentative sabbat dates – we can save the dates and then later decide what we want to do (if anything)

CBD Meetup dates?



Imbolc Ritual 2015 – Josie/River/Nickole

Yule Dinner 2015 – Josie/Ryan/Mark/Mei


WWC Cards for Committee Members – Josie


Newsletter – Josie We need a new intro to tradition article for the Imbolc issue


Coffee Meet Ups – Ryan/Sarah


Members Survey – Mei/Mark/Ryan/Josie Discussion of results


Proposed Membership Fees for 2016 – Josie So far the collective has run as a free organisation, however running the organisation has costs and these have been getting covered by Josie and Ryan.
The proposed fees that the Collective move to will be:

– $15 Student/Concession

– $25 Normal

– $40 Family (3 – 4 adults all residing at the same address is a family for the purposes of membership fees.)


Insurance – Josie Quotes. Decide

Annual Ball 2016 – Sarah


PCV Crafts – Mark


The PCV at Mount Franklin – Josie/Ryan/Mei/Mark Kids’ maypole/membership drive

Pagan Expo 2016 – Seline


Midsummer BBQ – Ryan


Moon/Wheel Fundraising Idea – Ryan


Policy Writing – Ryan

Media Officer – Mei


PCV Friendly Businesses – Mei


Additional committee member – River


Meeting End: 2.51 PM

Agenda for Annual General Meeting 2015

Pagan Collective of Victoria

Annual General Meeting Agenda

July 18, 2015

1pm – Stuzzi Restaurant

Type of Meeting: Annual General Meeting

Meeting Facilitator: Josephine Harris

Invitees: All PCV members

  • Opening remarks/Welcome
  • Presentation of Annual Report (Chair/Secretary)
  • Apologies
  • Adoption of Annual Report
  • Presentation of Accounts (Treasurer)
  • Adoption of Accounts
  • Election of Management Committee/Office Bearers

Note: a committee meeting will immediately follow the AGM.

  • Closing remarks

Meeting Minutes – May 2015

Pagan Collective of Victoria

Meeting Minutes 9/5/2015


Present: Ryan, Josie, Mei, Mark, Ben, Lucas, Seline

Apologies: Cosette, Hawthorn, Nickole, Sarah, Seumas

Absent: Rosanne, Allison, River, Bret, Brett

Meeting Location: Portland Hotel, Melbourne CBD

Meeting Open: 1.15PM

  1. President’s Report – The coffee meetups have continued to go strong and is still experiencing new members turning up.
    The first Ballarat meetup/Pagans in the Pub is scheduled to happen and there has been some interest which is exciting.
    The Collective now has a bank account with the Bendigo Bank, more in the Treasurer’s report.
    The Yule Dinner is approaching and the ticket sales are now live.
  1. Secretary’s Report – Currently we are approaching businesses to ask about being PCV friendly and those that are for website friendly graphics so that we can get them up on the website.
  1. Treasurer’s Report – The new Bendigo Bank account has been set up with Josie and Mark being the current signatories. Bendigo is happy to add more signatories as needed with appropriate minuting provided by us. They also offer the use of the community EFTPOS machine for events.
    Tickets for the Yule Dinner are now selling, to avoid too many transaction fees the money will stay in PayPal for now.
  1. Memberships – 15 new memberships approved this meeting, this decrease is probably due to the fact that we are pushing events both for the Collective and other groups more than memberships at the moment.
  1. Newsletter – Samhain Newsletter is late due to articles being slow to be submitted. Will be out soon.
    It is possibly worth looking at either getting a newsletter person in the future or more people sharing the job.
    It is proposed that we consider doing a series of intro articles, introducing readers to different pagan paths.
  1. Coffee Meet Ups – The Upwey meetup is still getting bigger and seeing a lot of new faces.
    The CBD meetup still needs a venue for the meetup to take place but the potential first date will be June 3rd, to be confirmed once a venue is found.
    Ballarat is having its first meetup up at Irish Murphey’s in Ballarat, which is the location meetups used to happen in Ballarat. Hopefully using the same location will make it easier. There has been some interested parties in the meetup, which will be held quarterly. The meetup will be on the 23rd at 12.30.
  1. Yule Dinner 2015 – The ticket sales shut off will be the 1st June, we are self-imposing a minimum of 30 ticket sales to make it worthwhile for the venue. If we don’t get the numbers by the 1st we will have to consider calling off the event.
    To help make sure we do well on ticket sales we need to share the event as much as possible not just on the PCV page but on other pages as well as our personal walls. All help to share it will be appreciated. Mei kindly made a flyer for the event, with the digital file being available on the Committee page, feel free to share it around.
    Prizes are being sorted for the awards as well as the raffle. It should hopefully make for a good addition to the night.
  1. Members Survey – The questions are all ready and Mark will e-mail them to Mei so that the Survey Monkey can be set up with the Members Survey. Hopefully this will produce some interesting results for the Collective and its members.
  1. AGM – The AGM is going to be held at Stuzzi in Northcote with nominations for it closing two weeks before the AGM both for named positions and the General Committee positions.
  1. Proposed Membership Fees for 2016 – So far the collective has run as a free organisation, however running the organisation has costs and these have been getting covered by Josie and Ryan.
    The proposed fees that the Collective move to will be:

– $15 Student/Concession

– $25 General

– $40 Family (3 – 4 adults all residing at the same address is a family for the purposes of membership fees.)

  1. Insurance – So after some hunting around the estimates for Insurance for the PCV is looking to be somewhere between $1,200 – $1,500. Josie is going to hunt around a little more and see if there is a better policy/deal to be had.
  1. Imbolc Ritual 2015 – We cannot really discuss the Imbolc Ritual without the organisers present, more details will be shared as it becomes available.
  1. Annual Ball – We cannot really discuss the Annual Ball without the organisers present, more details will be shared as it becomes available.
  1. Skill Sharing Across the Pagan Community – Nothing new to discuss yet for this.
  1. PCV Crafts – The pennants/bunting idea is still being considered and the materials to start making the blanks for members to decorate will be acquired soon.
  1. The PCV at Mount Franklin – We should consider doing a $5 off membership drive at Mount Franklin to help kick off the paid memberships for the first year.

Misc. – The next meetings that have been set are:

– The AGM on the 18th of July to be held at Stuzzi in Northcote followed by a normal meeting at the same location

– 12th of September and is marked down as a rural meet-up to be held at a rural location that will be advised closer to the date

– 12th of December and is set to be a Upwey event at the Magpie Café

The website needs a change to fix a broken link, the Consumer Affairs have changed the model rules and as a result the link to them on our website is not working at present.

It is probably worth considering that committee members have or acquire a Working with Children Check for the purposes of ensuring that we are not open to problems at public events that we run/help out with.

As a matter of courtesy to everyone it would be really appreciated if you cannot make it to a meeting that you try to give 48 hours notice. Some of the members travel a long way and it would be terrible for them to do that and we do not have the numbers for quorum. It is also a kindness to the other members who could change their plans if the meeting is cancelled.

Pagan Expo
Seline pitched the idea of running a two day expo that has an evening maskerade ball that we could invite Spiral Dance to attend. The proposed time would be October 2016 to allow all the necessary preparation time. Seline would need a dedicated sub-committee to help her make this a success, they would be needed especially in the intense three month period prior to the event. If the PCV has insurance that can cover it by then we will lend that to the expo as well as any help that we can. Seline has a venue in mind, that will be included in a later information update.


Meeting End: 2.51 PM

Meeting Minutes, February 2015

Many thanks to Mark for preparing these minutes. 🙂

Pagan Collective of Victoria

Meeting Minutes 21/2/2015


Present: Ryan, Josie, Mei, Mark, Sarah, River, Nickole

Apologies: Cosette, Bret, Brett, Hawthorn, Lisa, Fiona, Seumas

Absent: Rosanne, Allison

Meeting Location: Magpie Cafe, Upwey

Meeting Open: 1.17PM


  1. Presidents Report – The collective hit one hundred members this month, that’s really exciting given how long we’ve been running. The coffee meet ups have been going fantastically, with lots of new faces young and old.


  1. Secretary’s Report – Due to some issues with the stickers for the membership packs the posting out of membership packs is slightly behind. The new stickers have now arrived and look great, so we can resume sending out membership packs to everyone again.


  1. Treasurer’s Report – The incoming and outgoing for the collective has still been $0, everything has been donated by Josie and Ryan so far. The collective bank account hasn’t been set up yet, however with no immediate income expected there isn’t an urgent need. Josie and Ryan will set one up with the Bendigo as previously agreed, it will be a standard not for profit account.


  1. Memberships – 47 new members have been approved for the Collective


  1. Newsletter – As always we are looking for people to write new content for the newsletter, submissions will be the 14th of March and hopeful send out will be the 21st. Mark volunteered to look into writing an article.


  1. Coffee Meet Ups – The coffee meet ups have been successful with good attendance, lots of diversity of attendees and amazing levels of enthusiasm.

The potential of a metro meet up was proposed with Sarah offering to help Ryan get it up and running and provide advice. The specifications/concerns people had were that the venue was not too loud/busy, that topics of discussion were provided each meet up and that it didn’t clash with the times Melbourne Pagans in the Pub meet up.

The action decided was that Ryan and Sarah would attempt to get one running before next meeting.

The possibility of a Central Vic meet up was raised with a few locations suggested – Hepburn Springs, Bunninyong and the Botanical Gardens in Ballarat.

The action on that was that Josie, Mark and Mei will look into setting up a meet up before next meeting.

Sarah raised the problem of exposure for the meetups, Facebook Pages and Groups struggle to make it into newsfeeds under the current format. The solution decided was that if people could try and like and share events to help everyone reach a decent audience it would be greatly appreciated and help ensure the success of the events having a good turnout.


  1. Samhain Ritual 2015 – Selene is available again for Samhain Ritual, the dates will be discussed with her as well as what she requires (bring a plate?, materials, etc.).
  2. Yule Dinner 2015 – The venue that looks best from the research Ryan did is called The Last Jar, it is located at the Carlton end of the CBD so is fairly accessible. It has an upstairs function room they would be willing to let us use. The food would allow for a vegetarian option that would also cover vegans.

Ideally the collective would need 30+ attendees to make it worth The Last Jar’s time.

The date for the dinner was tentatively set as the 13th of June with the venue being The Last Jar.

Awards to be decided on for giving out at the dinner, examples – most distant member, most active, young persons award, daggiest witch etc.

River has offered to help promote the event.

A sub committee consisting of Ryan, Josie, Mei and Mark was formed to meet a few times before the dinner and continue working on the event. The first sub committee meeting was scheduled for March 14th.


  1. Members Survey – The survey for the collective was discussed with Mark presenting the brainstorming for questions ideas that occurred between meetings. People were happy with the proposed questions and added a few more to the list.

It was proposed that a breakdown of the survey information be published (all members details to be kept confidential of course) because there would likely be interest in how our community looks as a demographic.

The membership survey was approved and Mark and Mei will to set it up, a link to it will be sent out once it is up.


  1. Changes to committee – Charlie T’s official resignation was given to the committee and accepted.


  1. AGM – The collective needs to hold an AGM mid year, the date the committee decided was the 18th of July at 1PM and the proposed venue (TBC) was Stuzzi. Nickole offered to book the venue.

The offices up for vote will be President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary. Again general committee positions will be available.


  1. Proposed Membership Fees for 2016 – So far the collective has run as a free organisation, however running the organisation has costs and these have been getting covered by Josie and Ryan. A comparison of other groups fee structure and services was looked at and the breakdown of predictable costs for the organisation were discussed. The categories of membership were proposed as singles, joint/family, Interstate and International. The exact costings will be decided after more research into the issue and cost of insurance.


  1. Insurance – Josie needs to talk to a few more people about the possibilities and costs for insurance and present the findings to the committee.
  2. Dates – Dates for the remainder of the 2015 meetings were discussed with the following outcome:
  • Sat 9th May 1PM (city, venue TBC)
  • AGM Sat 13th June 1PM (Stuzzi TBC)
  • Sat 12th September 1PM (rural, venue TBC)
  • Sat 12th December 1PM (Cafe Magpie, Upwey TBC)


  1. Imbolc Ritual 2015 – The date for Imbolc is tentatively the 1st with the venue proposed as the Darebin Parklands.
  2. Annual Ball – Sarah proposed the idea of an annual ball, with the proposed first one being in 2016. The idea of it being at Samhain with a suitable theme was suggested as the tentative date.

The ball will be an adult oriented event with music, dressing up and drinks (licensed venue).

Sarah will check with Philippe and Selene to make sure they do not have an issue with a ball running at that time and to ensure no clashing with events they host.


  1. Meeting Locations – The proposal that there be more CBD meetings was raised by River. Sarah volunteered to look for a suitable city venue for the next meeting, everyone agreed to let her know if they heard of anywhere suitable in the meantime.


  1. Skill Sharing Across the Pagan Community – Nickole discussed the idea of skill sharing across the community and the possibility of workshops being organised (and better promoted). Possible workshop topics would be skills, ritual, spell and traditions. With the idea of making it more accessible for people to gain cross tradition knowledge and skills.

It was decided to wait until the survey results are in to see what sort of traditions members follow and if there were people willing to run workshops and share skills before more action is taken.


  1. PCV Crafts – Mark proposed the idea that the PCV start to assemble bunting to have at events it was at, to give more exposure but also as a community exercise. It was decided that bunting will be made up, blank and taken to meetings, coffee meet ups and other events where members can grab one to decorate in a fashion that reflects them or their path, with the final product being returned to us and being attached to the community efforts. Hopefully this will be a nice reflection of the positive community that is in Victoria and will look fantastic at events such as Mount Franklin.


Misc. –

  • It was proposed and accepted that the PCV logo should be made up into a digital pack that is available for use in a variety of formats -jpeg, gif, black and white/grayscale etc. This will make it easier for other people that want to promote the PCV.
  • Earthsong will send a details pack to the PCV so they can receive advertising through the collective.
  • To ensure the community (PCV is fine but if you feel ok with it sharing other groups too it would be fantastic) is getting decent exposure please make sure to like, comment and share events and posts that are advertising events and announcements.
  • The idea that once paid memberships become a thing in 2016 that the PCV have membership giveaways on Facebook was proposed, to be looked at once its applicable.


Meeting End: 3.38PM

Meeting minutes, November 2014

Getting down to business (and lunch!) at the PCV meeting in November 2014. Photo courtesy of Ryan M.

Getting down to business (and lunch!) at the PCV meeting in November 2014. Photo courtesy of Ryan M.

Date: 15th November, 2014, 1pm

Location: Cured café, Mostyn Street, Castlemaine

Present: Josie, Ryan, Mark, Mel, Des, Mei, Joy

Apologies: Charlie

  1. President’s Report – We’ve had overwhelming support from across Victoria, and positive feedback from interstate and even internationally.
  2. Secretary’s report – PCV had a big presence at Mount Franklin this year. People were keen to hear about us and many people joined up that weekend.
  3. Treasurer’s Report – Incoming $0, Outgoing $0. Current balance $0. Josie and Ryan have paid for the membership cards, stickers, website and Incorporation as a donation to the group.
  4. Memberships – 56 new members approved.
  5. Newsletter – Joy to provide Litha article. More submissions needed from other members. Hawthorn’s letters column will not go ahead until we get some letters for him to answer!
  6. Coffee meetups – Is the Upwey meetup still going ahead? Meetups need to occur at venues that are accessible to all and close to public transport. What about Pagans in the Park? Josie/Mei/Mark to organise a Ballarat meetup. Ryan to organise a metro meetup. Both meetups to occur in early 2015. Ryan has a list of themes we could use to direct discussion.
  7. PCV Family Friendly Events – The Kids’ Maypole we hosted at Mount Franklin was a success. Let’s do it again next year, but with more volunteers – Josie and Ryan almost ran out of time as they are also on the MFPG Organisers Committee. Volunteers will have to have a valid WWC card.
  8. Code of Conduct Review – No feedback from members as yet. A drafted “no troublemakers” clause was rejected by the committee. It was agreed that we would adopt the ACCC’s Model Rules of Association for now, and revisit them again at the end of 2015.
  9. Samhain Ritual 2015 – Will be hosted by Seline. What do we need to contribute as an organisation? What will attendees need to contribute? Date? We will need to check all this with Seline before the next committee meeting.
  10. Yule Dinner 2015 – We brainstormed!
    Music – Des and Mel to sort. A variety of Pagan/Pagan-ish acts
    Food – 3 course dinner covered by admission price. Awards – similar to the TasPA’s Silver Broomstick awards. Mark to brainstorm categories.
    Raffle – But what could we raffle off?
    Venue – Ryan to investigate costings. The Clarkeville Hotel was suggested as a venue to investigate.
    Ticket Price – around $50 for dinner/drinks? We need to figure out the minimum amount of tickets we’d need to sell to break even (and cancel the event well in advance if we couldn’t sell that many tickets).
    Organisers will need to investigate these things and report back at the February meeting.
  11. Communications channel for committee – It was unanimously agreed that Slack was not an effective tool for the committee to communicate. From now on committee conversations outside of committee meetings are to take place via email. Emails to be cc’d to Obviously major decisions cannot be made via email. They must be voted upon at committee meetings as usual.
  12. Members’ survey – Mark suggested a surveymonkey/google forms survey would be a good way to gauge what members want/need from the PCV, and would ensure we were directing our energy to where it was required. The committee voted in favour of this. Mark/Mei to organise a members’ survey and present the questions at the next meeting.

Meeting closed – 2:40pm

Next meeting – Saturday, 21st February, 2015 in Melbourne (Venue TBA)

Meeting Minutes – 16th of August, 2014

If you see an error in these minutes, please let us know!  You can contact us at

The Pagan Collective of Victoria inc

Committee Meeting Minutes – 16/08/14

Meeting convened: 1:15pm

Location: The Wesley Anne, Northcote.

Attendees: Josie, Ryan, Rosanne, Cosette, Chantelle, Sarah, Seaumus, Lisa, Seline, Hawthorn, Brett, Charlie, Fiona, River, Bret, Allison.

  1. President’s Report – Josie

Josie welcomed everyone to the meeting, and explained what had been done for the PCV so far – that we are a new grass-roots organisation focused on providing networking and information to the pagan community in Victoria. She also announced that the current membership base consisted of 30 people, about half of which reside outside Melbourne. This illustrates the need for us to host events outside of Melbourne as well as within the city.

  1. Treasurer’s Report – Ryan

Ryan said that as we are not currently charging for memberships, we do not currently have any funds. The fees for the website and incorporation have been donated by Josie and Ryan. The funds for the membership packs will also be donated by Josie and Ryan.

He suggested that we open a bank account soon, so that if we are handling money in the future that there will be clear records.

The committee indicated they would be more comfortable dealing with the Bendigo bank, as it is a community-run bank that does not invest in the mining of coal.

Ryan will open an account with the Bendigo Bank before the next meeting.

Ryan also said that as we currently don’t have any funds and are not running any workshops for the public, we will not be seeking Public Liability Insurance at this time. Any events we do run will need to be insured, though.

  1. Secretary’s report – Ryan

Ryan announced that this week we received notification from Consumer Affairs that the PCV has been accepted as an incorporated association (we are officially called the Pagan Collective of Victoria incorporated).

Now that our name has been confirmed, we can order the membership cards, etc for the membership packs.

  1. Approval of new members – Josie

Thirty new members were approved by the committee, raised by Josie, seconded by Ryan.

  1. Planning events for 2014/2015 – Josie

Josie suggested that we keep things small for our first few years: the key to our longevity will be not expending all our energy and “burning out” as a group.

With that in mind, she suggested a couple of coffee meetings over the next twelve months.

Rosanne suggested a child-friendly Beltane themed Maypole Dancing workshop. A discussion ensued about current Beltane events (ie Mount Franklin), sourcing a Maypole, insurance, etc. Roseanne, River and Fiona all expressed interest in assisting with such an event.

Sarah and Seaumus volunteered to run coffee meetups in the Belgrave/Upwey area.


  • Josie will approach the Mount Franklin organisers about the possibility of running a children’s Maypole at the gathering.
  • Sarah and Seaumus will investigate a venue for the Belgrave/Upwey coffee meetups and advise us of a date so that they can be advertised on the website/facebook/calendar.
  1. Yule 2015 proposal – Ryan

Ryan proposed that we organise/host a catered Yule dinner in June 2015 to celebrate our achievements, possibly in line with our AGM.

Discussion followed, and it was decided that we form a working party to organise for this closer to the date.


  • The Working Party for the Yule dinner is currently Ryan, River and Fiona.
  1. Spokes of the Wheel – Josie

Spokes of the Wheel is our members’ e-newsletter. It will be distributed to members a couple of weeks before each sabbat.


  • Members can email their submissions of writing, poetry, articles, gardening tips, photos, artwork, etc to
  • Josie to find a member to profile for the first issue.
  • Josie to advise a deadline for submissions via the PCV website.
  • Josie to devise an editorial policy for the newsletter (possibly with help from Rosanne and Cosette)
  1. Conditions of membership/code of conduct – Josie

Discussion was had around whether or not we need to devise a Code of Conduct in addition to the Model Rules of Association, which we have adopted as part of our incorporation. As part of this discussion it was decided we needed more clarity in our conditions of membership.

Concerns were also raised that the conditions of membership could be used to “branch-stack” by outside non-pagan groups.

It was decided a working party was required.


  • The working party for the Code of Conduct/Conditions of Membership currently includes Josie, Ryan, Brett, Bret, River, Seaumus, Hawthorn and Charlie.
  • The working party will take a look at the Model Rules and come up with some suggestions before the next committee meeting.
  1. Kid-Friendly Events – Rosanne

Rosanne expressed a need for more balance of adults only/kid-friendly events within Victoria. Fiona, Cosette and Rosanne agreed that family-friendly events should be advertised as explicitly kid-friendly, and that adults-only events should also be advertised as such.

It was also agreed that if the PCV did run kid-friendly or specific events for children, all facilitators would need Working with Children checks.


  • When advertising our events, we will try not to be ambiguous over whether children are welcome or not.
  • Fiona/Rosanne to write a “Pagan Parenting Corner” section for the newsletter.

 10. Safer Spaces Policy – Rosanne

Rosanne suggested that we should have an explicit policy on safer spaces and inclusion, that we abide by and commit to as we would the Model Rules.

River suggested the committee investigate Starhawk’s Empowerment Manual as a source of information for new groups.


  • In our planning of events for 2014/2015, we will ensure that some of the events we run are alcohol-free.
  • The Code of Conduct/Conditions of Membership working party can be mindful of Safer Spaces and Inclusion as they review the Model Rules.
  • Rosanne will bring a copy of a Safer Spaces policy from another organisation for us to look at for the next meeting.

 11. Next meeting date/venue – Josie
As half of our members do not reside in Melbourne, Josie proposed we do not hold every meeting in the ci.

It was decided that our next meeting would be in November, in Castlemaine.

12. Any Other Business

  • Communications – Rosanne: Rosanne suggested an online way for the committee to communicate and manage working parties would be the use of Slack, a communication tool.
    ACTION: Rosanne to organise Slack for the PCV and invite committee members.
  • Sabbats – Many members expressed an interest in running public sabbats for the Victorian pagan community at large. It was agreed that these public sabbats should not be on exact sabbat dates, so as not to clash with personal celebrations. It was also agreed that these sabbats should not clash with existing events.
    ACTION: The working party for PCV sabbats is currently Josie, Ryan, Seline, Sarah, Lisa, Fiona, River and Brett. They will catch up on Slack to discuss this further.
  • Committee – Some members volunteered to join the committee.
    ACTION: These people will remain committee members until the next AGM, unless they decide to step down beforehand: Josie, Ryan, Rosanne, Seaumus, Brett, Bret, Charlie, Fiona, River, Lisa and Allison.

Meeting closed: 4:15pm

NEXT MEETING: SUNDAY, November 2nd, 2014 in Castlemaine. Venue to be advised.