Workshop: Green Witchcraft

Hosted by Muses of Mystery.

Join the Muses and explore the way of the Green Witch.
Discover the power of working with Mother Earth and all her bounty.

Learn how to heal and empower your and your loved ones’ lives through traditional uses of seasonal fresh and dried herbs, flowers, berries, woods and other plants. Expand your knowledge and home Witches’ Herbarium.

Craft together within a supportive group precious blends of oils, potions and tinctures for use everyday to harmonise with Mother Earth.

Working with the seasons and moon phases promotes a healthy and successful life. Learn how to prepare and plant for spellcasting by the seasons.

No experience necessary.

Book through our website or instore.


Workshop: Thelemic Witchcraft for Beginners with Dr Caroline Tully

Hosted by Muses of Mystery.

Saturday 4 August 2018
11am – 1pm

The Muses are honoured and excited to welcome Dr Caroline Tully to share and teach Thelemic Witchcraft for Beginners.

Thelema is a Greek word meaning ‘will’ or ‘desire’.

Join Caroline Tully in a beginners’ workshop on Thelemic Witchcraft, a form of New Aeon Witchcraft that focuses on methods for causing change in accordance with your will.

Through practical ritual and discussion this old-but-new approach to Magick will be illuminated.

Caroline has a background in various traditions of Witchcraft and Magick and is also an academic who studies ancient Mediterranean Pagan religions and their manifestation in the modern world.

(More on Caroline J. Tully: Caroline has academic qualifications in Classics and Archaeology from the University of Melbourne and in Fine Art from Monash University. Caroline worked as a professional tapestry weaver at the Australian Tapestry Workshop and as a witchcraft maven at Australia’s Witchcraft Magazine, prior to commencing her doctoral research in Aegean Archaeology at the University of Melbourne in 2010. Caroline’s PhD focuses on Late Bronze and Early Iron Age cultic traditions in the ancient Aegean, eastern Mediterranean and Egypt. She also has a strong interest in Museology as well as Reception Studies, particularly in regard to the religions of ancient Egypt and Minoan Crete.)

$65 inc all materials and a light morsel

Tickets are limited. Please go to to secure your place.

Sorry no refunds or store credit for non attendance.


Imbolc Celebration and Ritual

Hosted by Muses of Mystery.

Come join our circle and celebrate Imbolc (ee-molc)

Learn about the origins of this Fire Sabbat, and welcome back the Goddess from the Crone to the Maiden.

We celebrate the first signs of Spring and the return of the Sun.

Create magickal seasonal spells as the Wheel again turns at this magickal time of the year. Handcraft traditional symbols to decorate your altar.

$35 inc all materials and a feast to share.

Bookings are essential as tickets are limited!

A light refreshment is offered but we encourage all to bring along a small plate to share or to cover any special dietary requirements.

Bookings through and instore.

Open to all.

Workshop: Solitary Witch Level 3

Hosted by Muses of Mystery.

Date: Saturday 21 July, 2018

Time: 11.00 am – 1.00 pm

Where: Muses of Mystery, The Nicholas Building, Room 4, Level 2, 27 Swanston Street, Melbourne, 3000. Australia

Fee: $ 65.

Come join the Muses for more Practical Magick…..Solitary Witch 3

Join us and learn even more insights into the lifestyle of the practicing witch.

Learn more practical techniques to live most magickal with witchcraft in your everyday lives.

Please note : This is Part 3 of our popular Solitary Witch workshops.


Tickets to this workshop can be made online at or instore.

No refunds or credit notes for non attendance or cancellations.


Workshop: Muses Motivational Magick

Hosted by Muses of Mystery.

Magick is an empowering and enchanting way to keep your life on track, motivated and thriving.

These workshops are perfect to get you through the Darker winter days ahead …

Join the Muses each Wednesday fortnight at 6.15pm and meet other likeminded people to discuss and share your weeks’ highs and lows.

As a group and according to Moon phases, planetary and seasonal influences we will craft a spell each class designed specifically for the priority focus to inspire and gently encourage our lives over the next few weeks.

$20 pp inc spell ingredients and light snack
Please bring a snack if you require special dietary requirements

Solitary Witch Workshop

Hosted by Muses of Mystery. See the Facebook event page for more details.

Join the Muses as we host part 4 of the Solitary Witch series of workshops.

Following on from the last 3 sold out workshops, The Muses will teach you more advanced techniques, rituals and spellcasting to allow you to journey further along your path as a Solitary Witch.

To participate in this class you should have sufficient knowledge of basic witchcraft. Please note that previous attendees will get preference to attend this class, but spaces are very limited.

Fee – $ 65 inc all materials

Please note that a prior payment in full is confirmation of a booking in this class.

Hosted by Muses of Mystery. See the Facebook event page for more details.


Hekate – Embracing and Honouring the Crone

Hosted by Muses of Mystery. See the Facebook event page for more details.

In Western cultures there is a fear of growing and of looking older. For a woman to come truly into her power she must become the Crone, the WiseWoman, the Elder.

In earth-based cultures the Crone or Elder is revered and celebrated for her wisdom and power. They are valued leaders, teachers, spiritual advisers.

Join the Muses as we explore this most potent aspect of the Goddess.

Through ritual, meditation and spellcrafting, this workshop is dedicated to Hekate, the Goddess of Ancient Greece, associated with crossroads, portals in the Underworld, light, magick, witchcraft, and knowledge of the Solanaceae plants.

Learn to embrace the three aspects the Maiden, Mother or Crone, to honour and to integrate them into our being at this time of transformation and impending darkness of Winter.

Discuss the evolving aspects of witchcraft and gender and the relevance of acknowledging all stages of earthly life.

Strictly limited to 8 people per class to allow time and individual attention during this uniquely personal experience. As this event is advertised elsewhere please book early to avoid disappointment!

$65 including all materials and a light refreshment of herbal teas and snacks.

This event is open to all ages over 18 and to all people.

Please contact the Muses of Mystery for payment details. Places are confirmed immediately after full payment is received. Receipts available.

Hosted by Muses of Mystery. See the Facebook event page for more details.